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Human Collagen Replacement Options
Zyderm & Zyplast
Zyderm & Zyplast are important mostly from a historial standpoit. These are the original collagen products derived from bovine sources.  Because of the increased risk of allergic reaction, they are rarely used now that alternatives are available.
Zyderm & Zyplast are not used at US LaserClinics.
Cosmoderm & Cosmoplast
Cosmoderm & Cosmoplast are natural human collagen fillers combined with local anesthetic for comfort.  These products are best tolerated by first time patients and those with limited pain tolerance.  Duration of correction is 4 to 6 months on average, but can be more or less in some patients.  Patients typically have follow-up treatment two to three times a year.
US LaserClinics stocks only Cosmoderm & Cosmoplast because of their excellent safety record and because they are well tolerated by most patients.  Many other longer lasting fillers cause considrable pain when injected or have significant safety concerns.  For this reason we have decided not to offer them as an option.


Collagen injections can smooth the appearance of forehead frown lines (A), scowl lines (B), cheek creases (C), lip lines (D & H), fine creases near the eyes (F), acne scars (G) and creases at the corners of the mouth (I). They can also be used to improve the appearance of the lips (E).